Test Your Computer's Reboot Time

01/09/2009 02:53

This works for both XP & Vista

1. Open Notepad and copy everything in the code box below and paste it in Notepad.

Option Explicit
On Error Resume Next
Dim Wsh, Time1, Time2, Result, PathFile, MsgResult, MsgA, AppName, KeyA, KeyB, TimeDiff
MsgA = "Please close all running applications and click on OK."
KeyA = "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RestartTime\"
KeyB = "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\RestartTime"
AppName = "[TankiBazz's] Reboot Time"
Set Wsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
PathFile = """" & WScript.ScriptFullName & """"
Result = wsh.RegRead(KeyA & "Times")
if Result = "" then
MsgResult = Msgbox (MsgA, vbOKCancel, AppName)
If MsgResult = vbcancel then WScript.Quit
Wsh.RegWrite KeyA & "Times", left(Time,8), "REG_SZ"
Wsh.RegWrite KeyB, PathFile, "REG_SZ"
Wsh.Run "cmd /c Shutdown -r -t 00", false, 0
Wsh.RegDelete KeyA & "Times"
Wsh.RegDelete KeyA
Wsh.RegDelete KeyB
TimeDiff = DateDiff("s",Result,left(Time,8))
MsgBox "Your computer reboots in " & TimeDiff & " seconds", VbInformation, AppName
end if

2. Save the file as Reboot Time.vbs on anywhere, your desktop for example. You can choose to save the file as any name you want, just make sure the file ends with a .vbs extension.

How to use
[list] [*] Double click on the script file you saved.
[*] Close all the running applications and click the OK button in the dialog box.

[*] The computer will reboot and when Windows and a dialog box will open displaying the time your computer took to reboot.

...And share your results here!

How it works:

In order to calculate the time of rebooting Windows, we will use a VB Script (Visual BASIC Scripting Edition). Let us learn first how it works. The script writes a value in the registry (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Current Version\run) so that it can be started again when booting. Later, another value containing the time is written in the registry when the reboot starts. While rebooting, the script records the hour in a variable then checks if the first value containing the time exists. If so, it is then enough to compare two times in order to obtain the time of rebooting. Then, the two keys added to the registry are removed (the run key and the key where the time is stored).